The Wellness Collective

a free transformational weekly program.

I decided to create the wellness collective as a way to give back and help promote healing, self-love + reflection in as many beautiful women (and men) as possible. For 7 days, we will dig deep and live intentionally. I will email you a prompt/guide/task/reflection, daily and keep up with you via Instagram - @ashleysnaturals. Keep in mind that this is 100% intuitive so I will touch on whatever spirit leads me to touch on. Trust the process. This is meant to be a short, yet transformative experience. IT'S FREE. Know that how rich of an experience you have - is up to you. Take it seriously. Don't cheat yourself. Give it your all. Stay consistent. Watch your life transform.


I will host these as often as possible. Maybe once a month? We'll see. However, feedback will let me know if it's something that has made a difference in your life (and how I can make it better), so please keep me posted. 


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