The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Set

Sooo, I created something very special... what else is new? lol 

But this, this is something ULTRA special. 

The Mother's Day Special | Garden of Flowers Apothecary Gift Set | available for pre-order 5/6

cost - $69.00

This beautiful collection came to me while I was laying in bed, at three am, after a breastfeeding session. I sat and thought about what it truly means to be a mom. How sacrifice has left me tired, hungry and dehydrated, yet oh so full of love. I thought about how this peaceful little being next to me who cried, pooped and ate, non-stop, was worth all the hassle. I thought about how the loud, silly, emotional toddler, sleeping in the room next to ours, was my greatest teacher, my first love. I thought about a garden of flowers. I thought about a breath of fresh air. I thought about self-care.

Whether you're a new mom or an old mom. A mom to one, or a mom to three. A daughter to a mom or a sister to a mom, this box is for you. As mothers, we make so many sacrifices. Sometimes... to the point where we forget to take care of ourselves. You deserve self-care. You deserve self-love. This box is for you. 

Included are five hand-crafted, lovingly made, items: 

  1. Sultry Herbal Solid perfume // our new Sweet Spirit Guide blend // a sexy blend of jasmine, mangoes + vetiver with low notes of cocoa + coconut. - The idea for this item came as I thought about how different scents bring me peace, spark vivid images of lovely past memories and calm me, softly. Let this perfume be a gentle reminder of how beautiful, soft, and delicate you are. When you're happy, stressed or tired, take a whiff and be gently reminded that it is all worth it and it will always get better. 
  2. Garden of Flowers Herbal Tea // Healing, Nourishing, Fragrant, Delicious. - I love flowers in all forms, this tea is no different. It is amazing warm or iced (as the weather is warming up). A beautiful blend of green tea + organic - lavender, rose, jasmine, lemon + orange. It's bright, floral, fragrant and refreshing. It tastes like the sweet smell of spring. Aside from the taste, it has way too many benefits to name. Sweeten it to taste + enjoy. Sometimes we can't get away... but this tea, it tastes like vacation. 
  3. Orange Cardamom Root Tinted Shimmery Lip Salve // A beautiful blend of organic butters and oils, plant (root) extracts + mica powder. - Sometimes all it takes is a little lip gloss to bring us back to ourselves. This special one is hand-crafted, slow steeped with a little bit of a deep tint. It smells of bright citrus to elevate your mood yet it is slightly warming and comforting thanks to a little spice of cardamom to keep you balanced. It's moisturizing and it feels + smells good.
  4. Lavender + White Sage massage oil // Slow-infused healing oil, I'm talking 6 weeks, slow. Enhanced with a small amount of high quality essential oils for the ultra aromatherapy experience. Use this oil daily or as part of your self-love ritual. Rub it lovingly into the skin. It absorbs beautifully + smells amazing. - I made this because lavender always reminds me of my mother. Ceremonial white sage is ultra sacred, cleansing + healing and is great for lifting spirits + energy levels. 
  5. Garden of Flowers Coconut Milk Bath Soak // What more can I say? Do I really have to explain this luxurious, skin-softening, mind-soothing creation of love? I mean, because we deserve to get flowers in some form. My flowers of choice for this occasion? 3 words. Coconut. Milk. Bath. A luxurious, softening, soothing vegan milk bath, enhanced with loads of organic flowers for skin health, physical health + mental clarity. Enjoy the visual healing, physical healing and emotional relief as you sink into a milky pleasurable blend of coconut milk + lavender, rose, calendula, sunflower, chamomile, peppermint + jasmine flowers. 

Honestly, I made this set, for me. But in creating this set, for me, I created it for you. Why? Because you deserve it, too. 

Happy Mother's Day! 

with love + gratitude,