The Ashley's Naturals Intentional Expansion

inhale with me... allow your body to expand.

Exhale. Now, let's talk about the Ashley's Naturals Intentional Expansion. 

I'm not sure why this is so hard for me.
I'm lying.
I know exactly why. I've built Ashley's Naturals from the ground, up. A dream, manifested. 

A dream, manifested. wow.

I did this. I take so much pride in making everything by hand, slowly, intentionally, with love. I spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes months formulating, figuring things out, and creating miracles. Miracles that only I can create. I have to be honest, I've been afraid. Afraid of letting someone hold my heart. Afraid, of, letting someone watch and even help raise my child. Afraid of my work being tainted. I recognize that I don't and won't attract these things and I was given these gifts to help people. So, it's my purpose to make sure I'm helping as many people as possible, without watering down my work. In the past I've tried getting help.
In the past, I hired people, only to find that they weren't as intentional as our company is.
I have given this a lot of thought. So much thought. 
I've listened to your requests, to your suggestions, to your pleas. I hear you. 
I've come to the decision that I will expand, but on my terms

There has been an overwhelming demand for our products. If you're on this mailing list, you already know. 
A demand that we cannot meet, at least, not alone. 

I recognize how devastating it is to wait weeks for a restock, only to find that everything youneeded sold out in minutes. I understand. 

I have received hundreds and hundreds of testimonies from the hundreds and hundreds of women who have experienced healing from everything from yeast, BV, PCOS side effects, mystery illnesses and so much more. 

This only confirms that more women and men deserve to experience this healing. I am honored and grateful that I get to do this work. I am honored and grateful that I was chosen to do this work. I am honored and grateful that something I love, something that helps so many, comes so intuitively to me. 

With that being said, I'm asking for your help. 
Help us, help you. 
Help us help more people. 
Help us spread the healing. 
Help us expand, the right way. 

An expansion that is in line with our brand. with our values. with our intention. 
Help us expand, with an intentional team, in an intentional space, who will help us continue to create small batch, intentional healing products.

Keeping the recipes the same. Keeping the love the same. Keeping the intention the same. 

The goal is to help bring healing products, that work, to more people, intentionally. 
The goal is to intentionally expand Ashley's Naturals. 
Help us hit our goal.
Thank you, for everything. 

AN NEWSAshley WilsonComment