Intentional Living.

Intentional living has been the theme for my life, this year. With my birthday approaching, I have been going through some major shifts and have been in a constant state of reflection. Living authentically and unapologetically is something I have been doing... Let me say though that it has been so hard. I wrestle with myself often on staying true to myself and keeping my business grass-roots vs growing it and going commercial. I struggle with staying home and watching my beautiful family blossom or taking more time for "me" to learn new things about self and watch myself, unfold. I have learned to take things day by day, moment by moment, feeling by feeling because like time, I am ever changing and ever-evolving. 

I came on here to say that it's okay to live, for you. It's okay to be whoever you are, in this present moment. It's okay to change, daily. I say all of this to say... It's an act of resistance to be Y O U. 

I am learning and loving this new growing, blooming version of myself. 

I'm loving myself, as I grow and change everyday. 

It's 11:41 PM and it looks like it's time for another breastfeeding session. I gotta dip... so forgive any typos. 

I'll be here more often so, I'll see ya'll around. 

Here's to the journey! 

Peace and light,