Anti - CANCER p o t i o n
Lately, I haven't been as intentional with my eating as I'd like. So, naturally, I decided to change that. I had a convo with a guy, yesterday, who told me he could never go vegan and that he didn't care much about "blood and pus" - because he was used to it. He went on to then tell me how strong I was... usually at this point in the convo I tune out, because excuses turn me off, especially when I didn't ask him to go vegan, in the first place lol. Instead of tuning out, I used this conversation to think about how strong I really was and how strong I truly could be. It inspired me to really push to be my greatest version and continue to grow, by any means necessary. Word to Malcolm. What's in my cup? Tropical Soursop smoothie. - 1 fresh soursop (seeded)
- organic coconut milk - fresh, warming spices - vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves etc - a little leftover golden kiwi - the most important ingredient? Healing intentions. (Soursop has compounds that are known to be 10,000x's more potent than chemo) Recognize that every interaction that you have can either be cancerous or anti-cancerous. Sometimes you can't avoid the cancerous interactions, so it's up to you to turn it into potent, anti-cancerous medicine. Remember, your words are spells. Speak in affirmations of love and positivity. Love y'all. Peace