On Sacredness

I have come to notice that in this age of social media, we feel the need to share EVERYTHING. When I started writing these emails, I started writing them with the intention to give my AN family/customers/email subscribers rich potent magick in the form of words, love and life experiences. In doing so I have received beautiful feedback. So many people have found healing in my words and have thanked me for messages that were right on time. I found that people would take my words, screenshot them and share them. The intention behind this in most places was innocent, but in others it was for likes or recognition. I do not share my words for likes. I share my words for healing. Please do not share any of my words without my permission. I ask that we take this time to learn about sacredness. Sometimes it's a gift to have something that is just for you. To have something that resonates with your spirit. That touches something deep within and inspires you to change and inspire others by action. | AshleysNaturals.com

I ask that if you feel moved by my words, instead of sharing MY words, use your own words and talk about it. Tell other people how it inspired you. Encourage them to join the list so that they can receive whatever message is meant from them from their own perception

Hopefully this will clear things up. If not, I'll use a more sacred space to share what is sacred to me. 

Thank you!