Fall Equinox Reflections

Hello, again.

This week I have been undergoing a dramatic shift. The energy of the new moon, the fall equinox and my birthday (next week), has been SO intense. It has taught me and brought about so many lessons. So many, that I'm having trouble putting them into words. In short, here are a few key's. 

What I've really learned this week.
* Grow where you are planted. // It's so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, especially on social media. Staying firm and rooted in gratitude will allow you to grow, wildly, at a pace that is true and authentic to you. Not to mention, specifically for you, because this life you're living is perfect.
* Remember your power. // You create your own reality. Recognize that you have the power to live the life you want, right now. It is all about your choices, perspectives and reactions. If you're a person who is constantly making excuses, know that that's the excuse for why you're unhappy right now. 
* Take risks. // Trust that the universe has your back. Quit that job. End that bad relationship. Buy that one way ticket. Invest in yourself. Invest in your happiness. Invest in your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. 
* Have an attitude of Gratitude. // Always be grateful. Always express your gratitude. Always walk with an attitude of Gratitude. It will only bring you more abundance. 
* Stay authentic to your journey. // Remember that this path, is yours. It's YOUnique. It was made, beautifully, and uniquely, for you. Do not put yourself in a box. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not follow the rules. Explore boundaries. Do what feels right. Live life on your terms. Stay true, to you. 
-Ashley Wilson, CEO + founder of Ashley's Naturals