Abundance Mathematics + the law of 120

So, last week, Justice and I went to the post office...

We went inside to get a money order.
When we got inside, the beautiful brown woman who handled our small post office was dealing with another beautiful brown elder.

The woman shared with the clerk how she had waken up early to do something different.
She had decided to get some exercise. She was happy, vibrant, beaming.
She rose early to walk to the post office, only to find that it was closed and didn't open until 10 AM. Consequently, she then decided to walk back a little later. 

So, here we are, at 10 AM. She's gotten double the exercise. She's joyful. She's brown. She's getting things done.

She hands the clerk her package and waits to hand her the six dollars, which is softly resting in her left palm. 

The clerk tells her that the total is $6.80

The woman began to look uncomfortable, as she expresses that she only has $6.00. She thought the price was six dollars, so, that was all she brought. 

I go into my wallet to see if I have any cash.
I do. I have a dollar.
I give it to her. 

She takes it, apprehensively, taking time to tell me she will come back to the post office to leave the $0.80 with the clerk. I tell her it's okay. There is no need to pay me back. She then asks where I live and tells me that she will come by to pay me back. I assure her that it's not a problem. I also assure her that she does not need to pay me back.

Justice is laughing at her persistence. 

The clerk gives her her $0.20 change. She comes over to give it to us. I tell her, "it's okay, you can keep it." about three times before she takes Justice's hand and places the two shiny dimes deeply into his little brown hand. Justice then tries to give the money to me. I tell him to keep it. The woman express endless amounts of gratitude and then leaves. 

We're up next

We go up and ask the beautiful brown lady if we could buy a money order and get $40.00 cash back. She tells us that we can get the money order, but that she cannot give us cash back as the only cash she gets is from cash money orders. I tell her we will just proceed with the money order and we can get the cash later.

During this time, three beautiful brown people walk in. One beautiful brown woman, two beautiful brown elder men. The clerk insists that we wait for the other people to go first, so that we can get cash back as she is sure that one of the brown men will be buying a money order, in cash. We oblige.

We step aside as they enter the line. Then, we follow behind them. 

First up is the woman. She's focused, precise, thoughtful.
She does what she needs to do and then leaves, quickly.
Secondly, is the first guy. He is round, funny, joyful and careful.
He reminds me of my uncle and my grandfather. I watch him with a smile. 

He finishes up and leaves. 

Lastly, is a tall, deep cocoa, older brown man, dressed in all white.
Before he heads up to the clerk... He turns around and hands Justice.... $1.00.

Justice is stunned. 

He says thank you and asks me why the man gave him money.
I tell him the universe is abundant.

We walked into the post office with $1.00 and left with $1.20. 

We were paid back more than we gave.
We were paid back in under 5 minutes.
We were paid back in more than just money.
We were paid pack in lessons, in time, in love, in unity. 

The law of 120. 

Now, although we live in Virginia. Although we're all brown people. Although there are people out to kill us, oppress us, harm us, make us poor, and steal our joy... We still thrive, grow, love, and express our joy, unapologetically.
Even though they say we're divided, we show unity, everyday, in various ways.
Even though they try to break our spirits, we stay spiritual, we stay generous, we stay grateful. 

Even though they don't want us to...

We. Still. Bloom. 

Continue to bloom, even in the face of adversity.
Even in the toughest of times.
Even when you want to give up.
Even when your world seems to be in shambles. 

I encourage you to live an abundant life.
Give without the expectation of receiving.
Give with love.
Live in love
and watch the abundance f l o w.
The universe will only reward you 120 times over and more

Remember, you never lose, you just learn. 

There are so many lessons in this story. Find them all by reading it from every beautiful brown person's perspective and learn something, today. 

Perspective will change your whole world. Stop and pay attention. 

I love you,

All rights reserved. Copyright Ashley's Naturals - 2017