Authenticity and Self-Worth in the age of social media...

As we become more and more dependent on our devices it's harder to establish a sense of self. I recognize that our attention spans have become shorter. We use our devices as a crutch to avoid potentially awkward situations. We use our devices to pass time, to take up time, to make time. I think it's time to take a break. I found myself unable to open my phone without going to instagram. I found myself unable to eat dinner with my family, without pulling out my phone. Even with my notifications turned off for 6 months, I still, find myself excessively checking apps. I find that I subconsciously compare myself to people. I subconsciously get influenced by people. I subconsciously question other people's authenticity. None of which is true to me. None of which is healthy. 

I'm missing out on SO much. 

It's easy to start to become what you consume yourself with, daily. Everything that you see is directly influencing the person you are. How can you really become and unveil your raw authentic self, if you are constantly bring fed the ideas, images and projections of others? It is so easy to get lost in a world of "perfect" photos, booming businesses + staged "authentic" lives. We are so easily influenced, both consciously and subconsciously, whether we realize it or not. It also seems that social media makes people forget about boundaries. People request and demand things from strangers, online, that they wouldn't do in person. It's overwhelming. I realize that social media has become a part of our time, our generation, our means of communication. However, I feel like it's lacking, for me, it doesn't feel real.

I'm missing that vinyl... that touch and feel experience before putting it on the record player feel vs that mp3 download.
I'm missing that sensory explosion I used to experience while cooking vs this "let me pull up something on netflix, real quick, while I make dinner... oh, and let me make sure to snap-chat, insta-story and tweet this dinner, while I'm cooking, too".
It's too much. I'm so far removed from my experiences that I don't even feel that I'm experiencing them. I'm too focused on sharing my life, instead of experiencing it. 

I built my business on Instagram + for that, I am forever grateful. 

Right now, I'm taking a break, from social media. To really live my authentic life. To live my truth. To smell the flowers. Breathe in my kids. Feel my lover + life partner. Overall, to really experience life. 

My life is chaotic + so much of my time is wasted on social media. I'm going to get myself together. I am beginning a mindfulness practice that will help me stay grounded and I'm off to create some raw, beautiful healing medicine. 

This blog is my public journal. A place where I can write my thoughts, speak my truths, and just release without a care who reads it, likes it, or doesn't. If it helps someone struggling, that's great. That's my goal, to help people. However, I have to help people without overextending myself, without losing myself. 

If you're interested in updates on the business, please feel free to join the mailing list. 

We won't be gone off of SM forever, just until we master this balance thing. Master this yin and yang. Master this thing called living. Master our version of freedom. 

I hope you do the same. 

with love and gratitude,