A great awakening has occurred...

Ash on nature hike

A great awakening has occurred. 

I have found that although I thought I was being 100% true to myself, you and the business... I was not. During an intense period of healing and deep shamanic journeying, I revealed a lot about myself. I had truly lost myself and my commitment to spiritual elevation and healing. I was too busy with orders and marketing, for self care. I was too focused on cosmetics and not true, real, healing medicine, which is my true passion. I lost touch with all that was me. I lost touch with my journey. I was too busy trying to become, rather than just, simply, becoming. I was lost. During this intense time of self-care and energy work, I am happy to say that I know why I am here. I know what I am supposed to be doing. I know where and what my work and healing are supposed to be focused on and I am so happy to share all of that with you.

Piece by piece.
Step by step.
In divine timing.
Never rushed.
Never forced.
Never under pressure or angst. 

But real, true, authentic intuitive herbal healing medicine. Crafted with intense love and healing energy. Crafted in line with the Moon cycles and seasons. Always intentional. Intentionally creating however many items I feel led to make, when my spirit leads me to make them.

As you know... that's how I started. That's how I've crafted and created the most potent of medicines... with patience, love and deep intuitive energy

That's how I started and that's how I will continue. I cannot let the pressure cause me to fold. 
Remember, diamonds aren't the most valuable gem, if diamonds are not what you desire. 
My desires are different. 

I'm different...

And that's what makes me and my medicine so incredibly powerful. 

We reopen MAY 1st. Beltane. Get you some.