Fall Equinox Reflections

This week I have been undergoing a dramatic shift. The energy of the new moon, the fall equinox and my birthday (next week), has been SO intense. It has taught me and brought about so many lessons. So many, that I'm having trouble putting them into words. In short, here are a few keys. 

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Ashley WilsonComment
The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Set

This beautiful collection came to me while I was laying in bed, at three am, after a breastfeeding session. I sat and thought about what it truly means to be a mom. How sacrifice has left me tired, hungry and dehydrated, yet oh so full of love. I thought about how this peaceful little being next to me who cried, pooped and ate, non-stop, was worth all the hassle. I thought about how the loud, silly, emotional toddler, sleeping in the room next to ours, was my greatest teacher, my first love. I thought about a garden of flowers. I thought about a breath of fresh air. I thought about self-care.

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