St. John's Wort x Cannabis Healing Balm

St. John's Wort x Cannabis Healing Balm


A super potent healing balm. Great for pain relief, nerve damage, bruises, swelling, irritation, rashes, burns, insomnia, mild depression sufferers + more. *Proceed with caution if consuming internally as healing herbs are organic + potent. 

Massage onto/into troubled areas as needed.

Food grade organic ingredients* 

Intention - Healing, Soothing, Pain Relief, Calming
Ingredients - Organic Cocoa Butter*, Organic Raw Coconut Oil*, Organic Cannabis sativa*, Organic St. Johns Wort*,
Ashley's Naturals is not responsible for any adverse effects of ingesting the healing balm. Ingest at your own discretion* 
2.3 oz
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