Manifestation Magick Baths

Manifestation Magick Baths


Each month 1-3 limited edition super moon manifestation magick baths will be released and charged under either the full moon or the new moon. Each bath is intentionally made - hand-mixed, crafted, charged + dressed with intense reiki energy, filled with healing crystals and infused with organic herbs. 

Each bath is filled with pure essential oils + crystals that are charged and infused with your intent as you soak + meditate - leaving you with super charged powerful healing crystals + skin after your bath + ritual are complete. A beautiful reminder of the intentions set and manifestations manifested of the moon, past. 

These baths are premium and provide an intense aromatherapy healing session as high grade essential oils are used to scent them. 

In addition to a high quality intentionally-made healing ritual bath- you also get various healing crystals, an ongoing aromatherapy session, a smudge session + powerful reiki energy to help bring your manifestations to fruition. 

Intention - Healing, Manifestation, Cleansing, Soothing, Magick, Aromatherapy

New Large Size // 12 oz jar

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