NEW - Organic Herbal Potion Powders

NEW - Organic Herbal Potion Powders

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Organic Herbal Formulas to add to your everyday rituals.

Add them to everything! Smoothies, Oatmeal, Pancakes. Have them as ritual lattes or teas + so much more.

SEX - Crafted to help boost the libido and balance the hormones. Increases + Helps overall sexual health + sex related experiences. Fertility, Vaginal Dryness, Low Libido + more. Share a SEX POTION with your partner and feel the magick.

ELEVATE - Crafted to create a natural body high. Elevate is the perfect potion for those who are stressed or constantly dealing with anxiety. Use elevate for an all natural, organic, high and calming sensation. Have an ELEVATE POTION when you need to unwind or before a sacred meditation session.

ASTRAL - Crafted for Increased Mental Clarity, Awareness and Lucid dreaming. This blend is amazing if you experience frequent brain fog, unpleasant sleep experiences or lack focus. This potion also helps to stimulate lucid dreaming. Have an ASTRAL POTION to start your morning with clarity and focus or at night for intense, vivid, lucid dreams.

IMMUNE SHROOMS - Crafted for overall immune health. It works synergistically with your body to increase and boost your natural defense system. This potion is also great for helping the body heal faster after the immune system has been compromised. Have an IMMUNE POTION, daily, to keep your immune system strong or when you just need that extra boost.

VITALITY - Crafted for healing, energy, vibrancy, vitality. This is the early morning formula. This potion is made to introduce more vibrant energy into your life. It is naturally charging, immune boosting, ENERGIZING and healing to the cells and energy levels. Have a VITALITY POTION in place of your morning coffee, whenever you need an all natural, herbal pick-me-up or need to get out of a slump.

ALKALINITY - Crafted to alkalize, detoxify, deodorize and cleanse the body. Our organic Green Goddess Formula in it’s purest form. A POTION made to be taken daily and OFTEN. So many benefits. So many vitamin rich, nutrient-dense, chlorophyll dripping plants in this formula. Great for skin healing, hair growth, nail growth, digestion health + so much more. Everyone needs this in their cabinet. Share this potion with your children. ALKALINE POTION for all. Make a green latte or green mylk for the kids. Mix it in breads, muffins, smoothies + more. Watch your health transform.

Get one at a time or get the whole collection to start living in ritual and taking your health + pleasure seriously.

Crafted with 100% Organic + Wild-Crafted Herbs.

Proprietary formulas crafted by Herbalist Ashley Wilson with love and great intention.

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