Eczema Healing Green Cream | Now More Potent!

Eczema Healing Green Cream | Now More Potent!


Upgraded formula as of 6/28/2018

More potent than before! The green cream was formulated for those who have horrible eczema, terribly dry, sensitive skin, and for those who need healing.

Patchy dry flakes, itchy peeling skin, and NO relief is no fun.

Why use those expensive petroleum based creams when you can use a wholesome vegan pure cream that works and was formulated specifically for you with your skin and skin conditions in mind?

The green cream is packed with hemp, fatty acids and other soothing ingredients that have shown not only to soothe our customers eczema but even cure it!This blend is safe enough for babies and adults alike!

Give it a try! This beautiful blend was made specifically to soothe and help heal irritated and chaffed skin caused by dry sensitive skin and eczema. Rub onto irritated areas daily as needed and watch you and your children feel better in no time. This cream has no added fragrances and has a natural fresh light herb smell.

Massage cream onto troubled areas as needed. 

Intention - Healing, Soothing, Moisturizing, Protection, Calming

Ingredients - Non-GMO Glycine max (Pressed Soya Beans), Cannabis sativa (Pure Unrefined Hemp Oil), Pongamia pinnata, Organic Azadirachta indica, Virola sebifera, Organic Proprietary Herbal Blend, Love & Positive Energy.

8 oz

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