Organic Cannabis Lube Elixir

Organic Cannabis Lube Elixir


Sweet. Delicious. Moisturizing. 

Our Organic Cannabis infused Lube Elixir is a sweet delicious lube infused with organic cannabis. Fill your bedroom with love and sensuality! It will add sweetness and spice to any night. Use it when practicing or receiving oral sex. 

Our natural sweet lickable lube is made with quality ingredients and can be used on the skin, sacred spaces, hair and lips. 

It is 100% Edible and delicious. 

Okay for internal and external use. 

Please use responsibly and consume at your own risk. Contains medical cannabis. 

Let your Inner Sexual Goddess out! 

*Practice safe sex, as safe sex is the best sex*

*Shake well before use*

*not to be used with latex condoms* 

Intention - Arousing, Stimulating, Lubricating, Sacral Chakra Activation, Elevating, Pleasing, Sexual Energy Activation.
Ingredients - Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cannabis, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Plant Botanicals, Essential Oils.

1 oz // Always 100% Vegan // Topical Product

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