Herbal Baby Powder | Lavender Chamomile

Herbal Baby Powder | Lavender Chamomile


Our healing, herbal baby powder is made to prevent diaper rash and irritation for your young one's bottom. Made with certified organic herbs, botanicals and clays, this natural alternative is 100% chemical free and made with love. 

Comfrey - Great at fighting and preventing rashes. 

Lavender - Soothing, Calming, Disinfectant 

Chamomile - Soothing, Calming.

Marshmallow - Soothing, Prevents pain and swelling.

Great for adults + babies, alike! 

Intention - Soothing, Healing, Protection, Calming.
Ingredients - Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot, Certified Organic Comfrey, Certified Organic Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, Lavender.
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