#2 Seller | Queens Oil for Yoni Health | NEW formulas

#2 Seller | Queens Oil for Yoni Health | NEW formulas


NEW + IMPROVED formulas as of 8/24/17

Our #2 Seller. Don't sleep on the dynamic duo.

You need both the wash + the oil to fully experience the magick! 

Our Queens Oil is a daily oil for keeping your yoni in tip top shape.

Apply a few drops daily for maintenance, use as needed as a lubricant, or use internally to ward off and prevent infections. 

A beautiful blend of bacterial fighting oils and herbs to help balance your pH and treat/prevent infection, including:

garlic, tea tree, myrrh, and more! 

4 oz // large 

due to myrrh content, please avoid internal use during pregnancy. 

*not to be used with latex condoms*

Please apply the oil with your [clean] fingers  (Do not be afraid to touch your yoni!)

Intention - Protection, Balance, Soothing, Healing.
Ingredients - Organic Oil blend, Proprietary botanical blend, love. 

contains garlic + tree nuts

4 oz


Daily Maintenance - A mild soothing bacterial fighting oil crafted for daily use. Prevent's dryness, helps balance pH, soft floral smell from bacterial fighting essential oils. 

Yeast / BV - Our original formula, also good for daily use. Crafted to fight bacteria, balance, and heal. Mild herbal smell due to natural bacterial fighting botanicals.

Super Strength - Crafted for those who need extra healing + relief, fast. Super potent. Has a stronger scent from the bacteria fighting botanicals, but is meant to be used on specific occasion when relief/healing are needed, yet gentle enough for daily use for those who absolutely need it. Made to work.