The Give Back Program.

 with love + gratitude. 

with love + gratitude. 


About the GB program

We have a new program called “the give back program”. Every month we’ll pick a random order to refund, in full, as a thank you. We recognize a lot of you incorporate us into your self care rituals and spend your dollars with us even when you don’t have it. We appreciate you. Without your business our family business wouldn’t exist. The giveback program starts June 2018. I’ll make a post each month on Instagram (you have to pay attention or sign up for post notifications to see it thanks to the IG algorithm). Everyone who ordered the previous month is eligible to comment on that specific post with their order number. The more orders you place the more you can comment. One order per comment. We’ll use a random generator (or Justice) to choose a person to refund as an Ashley’s Naturals store credit (so you can buy more medicine). That person can then choose to keep the store credit or to pay it forward to another person in need. Let’s see how this goes. We’ll start with one and grow as we grow. An application for those who need organic natural medicine but can’t afford it is down below. We love and appreciate you and want to say thank you.

with love + gratitude, 

Ashley + Family 



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please only apply if you are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot afford to purchase products.