Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions. This will be updated as needed. Please refer here before emailing about any of the Q’s answered below. Thank you!

  •  When is the next restock?

    • All restocks are released 1-3 times a month. Secret dates and times are sent to our email subscribers.

    • Join the mailing list - here for notifications.

      • r Sacred Site Members get the opportunity to shop all restocks + releases, first.

        Membership has it’s benefits.

Do I need a membership to shop?

No, members get special perks and benefits and get an early restock date. However, our shop is still open to the public via a special date and time sent out bi-weekly/monthly via email to our email subscribers. As long as you’re on the list, you’ll get the date, time and secret link sent directly to you prior to each restock.

  • When will x be back in stock?

    • “x” will be back in stock whenever I make it. I intuitively craft everything I make and create in the order and fashion that I am inspired to create in. I follow my natural rhythms and the ebb and flow of the universe to create intentionally and consciously. This is how I make the most potent healing medicine. In other words, you’ll have to wait until the restock to see what’s back + what’s new. Mostly, the essentials will always be available.

  • How do I find out when the next restock is?

    • Join our email list. You can find it by scrolling to the bottom of this page or clicking here. We only send loving words, updates + healing information. Promise.

  • Will you reopen the Sacred Site Memberships?

    • Memberships sold out on launch day. We will open slots up as they become available or as we are sure that we can handle a larger capacity. We appreciate our members + make them a priority when it comes to the intentionally intuitive potent medicine we offer (in all forms). Equal energy exchanges. You can be notified of openings by joining our mailing list.

  • Who is we?

    • Well, if you’re new around here, We, technically, is me. Ashley, sol creator + alchemist of Ashley’s Naturals. I create everything in small batches, intentionally + intuitively (including this website). My family: my loving partner, our two son’s and soon, our daughter all help make this ship run. Hun handles all packing, shipping + graphic logistics while I create, create and create. I also handle our social media + send you those sometimes irregular love letters via email. It’s really a moving meditation and healing ritual for us because we love what we do and the amount of people we are helping just by following our bliss. Thank you for being a part of this. You can learn a little more about me, here. Please note that we do all of this while homeschooling all of our children + taking care of ourselves.

  • When is the next theBOX release?

    • Boxes are released 6 times a year and are released once my idea is inspired, prepped for and pre-orders have been made. Boxes always sell out. They’re a big project that I take a lot of pride in. They are something very special and are truly worth what I charge + more.

  • Can I purchase an old theBOX release?

    • Nope. Boxes are one time things. Each box is unique and will not be repeated. These are ritual creations that are special to me. Once I channel the energy for that specific box, I won’t make it again. There may be similar themes, but no product repeats. Everything is inspired at the time of creation and made intuitively with love and great intention.

  • Why can’t you just make more?

    • The thing about intentional creation, is that, it’s just that. Intentional. The reason my products + medicine are so potent is because I take my time. I create in small batches. I don’t rush the process. I make sure my spirit is pure and positive before starting. This is all a part of the medicine. If I take that away, I take away some of the magick. I’m not willing to compromise quality for sales. That’s just not my style.

      If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not for you.

  • Can you limit the amount of items people purchase at a time?

    • We can’t, not on this platform. However, if you’re a member you are guaranteed an early shop date + time, every update. So it definitely pays to be a member. Once you’re in, you’re in. Unless you cancel, then there is a waiting list for your slot.

  • How can I have a better chance at getting the items I need?

    • Membership, but since that’s sold out. Early log on’s during restock dates + times. Knowing what you want. Fast clicking. Having your card and address saved to your account for faster checkout. You can create an account by clicking the white sign in button located at the top right of our website. Also by following our Instagram for flash deals + mini updates.

  • Are you still doing Custom consultations, Readings + Healing Programs?

    • Currently I’m booked for 2018 and will not be accepting any new clients for the first 6-8 months (or so) of 2019 as I’ll be tending to my newborn. However, if it’s an emergency + you’re ready to invest in yourself + really do the work, email me. Maybe we can work something out. However, many courses will be available via our Sacred Online School, so you may be able to find everything you need - here.