The Ashley's Naturals Intentional Expansion Initiative

There has been an overwhelming demand for our products.

A demand that we cannot meet, at least, not alone. We have tried hiring people to "help" but they just weren't as intentional as our company is. 

I've given this much thought. A lot of thought. 

I understand how important it is for everyone to have access to natural healing products, that work. 

I recognize how devastating it is to wait weeks for a restock and it all to sell out in minutes. I understand. 

With that being said, I'm asking for help. 

Help us, help you. 

Help us expand, the right way. 

An expansion that is in line with our brand. with our values. with our intention. 

Help us expand with an intentional team, in an intentional space, who will help us create small batch, intentional products. 

Keeping the recipes the same. Keeping the love the same. Keeping the intention the same. 

Help us hit our goal. 


This will be an on-going initiative as we begin our quest for the right people and the right location.

All donations are welcomed and appreciated. 

We look forward to changing the world. 

Thank you for helping us make this possible. 


- Ashley Wilson, CEO + Founder