Activating your throat chakra

Before I let the naysayers and the magick suckers take away my voice, it was huge. I often got in trouble in school because my throat chakra was on 100. I never bit my tongue. People often thought I was being rude. I wasn't, but I was brutally honest. Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth. Adults, especially. (Just a note to the parents out there. Remember you're raising a child to be an adult, a good human, be mindful of what you're subconsciously instilling in them. More on that later.) To this day, they still don't. That's okay. I'm not here to make you comfortable. I am here to make you think, grow, transform and love yourself as you evolve. I found myself, in my recent years, over-analyzing everything and considering how every. word. would make a person feel, how they would perceive my message, top-toeing around fear of potentially hurting people I loved or offending those I didn't, dissecting my words SO MUCH, that I ended up losing my whole original message. This, of course, ended up in a lot of miscommunications and frustrations on my end. It ended up in a lot of unfulfillment*. Now, imagine if you're getting busy with a new partner and you can't articulate how you like to be pleased... you'll either continue to get whack sex or you'll speak up (nicely) or angrily because you've been suppressing your true feelings for so long. I told hun how I felt about why it was important for me to have photos of myself. Now, I'll save that conversation for another day... but this conversation is what prompted this week's lesson. 

As a child we are often programmed to bite our tongue. We are programmed to spare our parents feelings. We are programmed to *soften* our words (aka lie) because adults cannot handle our unfiltered words. Because adults cannot handle our pure innocence without getting offended or taking things personally. I'm just now coming to this realization after 6 years of being a mother. Trust, it takes time, care and consciousness to unlearn and grow in areas that you don't necessarily want to. 

common kitchen phrases in the black community.

"Stay in a child's place" 

"This is grown folks business"

"Don't talk back" 

These are some of the phrases that stole my voice. Add that to the countless number of times I was silenced in school. Add that to the time I got in trouble because I refused to stand for the National Anthem (Funny, I was rebelling against the system, way before I even knew what the system was about). Add that to all of the times I was sent to ISS for "questioning authority" or "punished" for being "disrespectful", even when that wasn't my intention. 

I'll create a full post on Parenting Children, Consciously, but in the meantime... my point is words have power and suppression of said words will lead to a blocked or under-active throat chakra. This is why we have communication issues. 

I will quickly focus a few steps on how to unblock/activate the throat chakra. 

1. / Recognize and Acknowledge where the blockages came from. Where did they start? Who taught you or stopped you from speaking up and out? Think about this. Once you acknowledge this, see if there is anything you need to handle/heal with that person or those people. Handle that. 

2./ Practice not biting your tongue and being explicitly honest for a whole day, then a whole week, then a whole month, then a whole year, then forever. No white lies. No tip-toeing. No fear. Understand that your intention is what is most important. Only speak with good intent. Only speak from a place of love. Know that how other people perceive you, has nothing to do with you. Don't over-analyze. Just speak, slowly and intentionally. Watch your life transform. 

3./  Abaracadabara // I create what I speak. Speak intentionally. Know that everything you say holds weight. Everything you say, has power. Speak as such. Don't say things you don't really mean and don't ask for things you don't really want. Also, don't waste your breathe on shit you're not passionate about. Be easy. Know that you're magick. Your words are magick. Don't waste your magick. 

4./ Blue is the color of the throat chakra. Wear Blue. See Blue. Eat Blue. Drink Blue. Use Blue Stones. Color therapy will help you transition. 

5./  Know that your feelings matter. Even if people don't understand them. Don't back down. Don't stop speaking up. Don't get discouraged. Speak your truth and stand by it. Period. 

Start today. 

I'll go more in depth on this lesson in the course. 

I love ya'll. 



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