5 steps for making the most out of the Fall Equinox

Happy Fall Equinox
Yesterday, marked the first day of Fall, also known as Mabon

During this time we celebrate balance. We prepare for longer nights (depending on which side you're on) and reap what we sowed, this past spring. 

This is a transformational period, where we open up the doorway for more intense healing and growth. It is the perfect time to set your intention for this new season and prepare for seasons to come, in your life. 
Use this time to clarify your intentions and determine the direction you want your life to go in. 

Set goals for both winter and spring and be mindful of how you are caring for your manifestation garden. 

It is a time of abundance and harvest. Do not hold back. Get outside and enjoy the fresh crisp air, meditate, channel the seasonal colors. Make sure to truly feel the shifting energy. 

Most importantly be thankful. 

Because this time is all about harvesting the fruits of our labor, abundance and planting new seeds... It is important to be intentional in any project you partake in and anything you decide to pursue. 

5 Steps for making the most of this time: 

  • Purge, cleanse your space and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. Feel free to change your environment to coincide with the energy you're feeling during this season.


  • It is a good time to plant some fall crops (whether you have a patio garden or a huge backyard).


  • Maintain and honor your balance. Try not to get lost on one side of the spectrum. Be sure to maintain the balance in your life (Very important for this fellow Libra) and do it gracefully.


  • Set Intentions for this season, now through spring. To have a fruitful harvest, you want to plan accordingly. Sow your seeds now and water them with intention and gratitude daily, as you journey on.


  • Daily acts of Gratitude. An attitude of Gratitude will change your life. Take a moment, daily to express what you're grateful for and remember to walk in that light. It will help to shift your energy and bring you more abundance.

Written by Ashley Wilson, Ashley's Naturals
All rights reserved © 2016+ beyond