Life Changer!


So everyday at least once a day my yoni would get super irritated. I would feel like my vulva was on fire. Gyno doesnt know what the problem is .. as no test shows signs of anything. It was becoming a real problem for me. And then I found this oil along with the wash. And they have worked miracles for me. As long as I use them both daily I have no pain and no irritation. Thank you Ashley. For as long as you keep making these products I'll keep purchasing them.


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This oil is amazing, I ordered two bottles of it along with the Queen's Wash, right before the "holidays" and received my order quickly. The oil itself has transformed my yoni. I've had recurrent BV after every menstrual cycle, and after about two weeks of consistent use, the vaginal odor I had disappeared!! I've been so self conscious about my little problem, and was fed up with having to go to my gyno for Flagyl refills. This product has made my life so much better, it feels good to have found a natural remedy for my recurrent issue, that not even my doctors could fix. Thank you so much Ashley!!! I will continue to order this product, along with the other personal care items I've gotten from you, I love them so much, and they make me feel wonderful knowing that they're safe, and free from carcinogens and other chemicals that may harm my health. Please don't sleep on Ashley, or holistic healthcare in general. Before there were pills and creams, there was/is Mother Nature! :)


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Yoni Poppin'


This oil is amazing! I use it along with the Queen's wash as my everyday feminine hygiene routine. I would describe the scent as earthy/herbaceous which is one thing I love about oil. I use it internally/externally after a shower and as a lubricant for inserting yoni eggs. This and the Queen's wash are staples in my hygiene routine and I am a customer for life!


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My only cure to chronic vaginitis

I kept getting vaginitis every month or so. My doctor kept giving me creams and horrible applicators that only burned and made my yoni feel weird. QUEENS OIL was my ONLY cure. I use this every other other day or so. I sometimes use it as a personal lube while also curing my yoni. 
Also, for you sensitive skin gals, this was great. No irritations, no itchy sensation, just pure greatness!

Its a must! Thanks Ashley! 

-Casey G

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I ordered the Queens Oil after reading all of the reviews online and through social media, and tried it for the first time last night. And I'm so happy I that I did. After the initial use I've seen a tremendous difference. Any discharge and odor is gone and hopefully never coming back!!! Its amazing what such a small amount of the right product will do for you. I've struggled with balancing my yoni for years, and overnight this oil seems to have changed my life. I'll be promoting your company whenever I have the chance. Thank you for such a great product!! Can't wait to try some other items.


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So i purchased this and the queens wash. I love both I've had bv and dryness (due to burth control my body has been outta wack) for awhile medicine would help and after i was done with meds symptoms would come right back after a couple of days of using my wash and oil its gone and hasnt come back...also being on birth and coming off birth control i didnt get a period from the time i was in it to the time i got off i swear the oil and wash have a part in me getting my cycle back and helping it regulate itself ..has to be if not i don't know what is because before using this product i didnt have one! Either way this is a staple and im in love!
Thank you!


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There's Nothing Else Like This!!!!!!!!

I was turned on to Queens Wash by a friend and I tried it, wow!!! Then it was out of stock for a minute and I was going out of my mind as I can never go back to using any other product for my yoni. I used it sparingly until it became available. This time I bought 3 bottles. The first time I used it my yoni was so soft and I never felt so clean and fresh!!!
Thank you Miss Ashley!!!


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Amazing product!!!

been using this wash and oil for about 3 months. Results are damn near miraculous! Much less crazy yeast/BV issues (a little but I'm sure it's due to my diet). This product has really changed the health of my yoni. I'm ordering 2 bottles at a time b/c I'm low on my current one and the product is continuously sold out. Good fa ya health and I also LOVE to support my sisters!!!


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The BEST!!

This feminine wash is absolutely amazing! I use it on a body sponge or one of those puff balls. And it suds up nicely. The smell is so refreshing!! It's an herbal smell with a hint of lemon/citrus and a tiny hint of spice. My body and vagina is so fresh afterwards! I've literally stop using other body washes from common popular stores. And, I fully turned over to using only natural products!! This feminine wash is so good that's why it's always sold out!! Lol. When it's available make sure and stock up on it. Thanks for this amazing wash. I LOVE it!!

Vanessa Wallace

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Best Wash EVER

I concur with everything the other women said...this stuff is the TRUTH! I think I have a sensitive yoni, almost every soap I have ever used either dries it out, stings or makes it otherwise feel uncomfortable; even the other 'natural' washes with none of the yucky harmful ingredients! This stuff right feels like a daily little spa. I feel fresh, clean and just...awesome! The ONLY complaint (and its not really a complaint, I don't mind) is that sometimes the little flower leaf thingies were left behind LOL but I didn't feel it inside me, just noticed it when I went to the restroom.


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"This product is truly astounding!! Ashley you have made a believer out of me. I live in NC but I'm from NY and I have put all my family and friends out there on to this already. I have both the queen's wash and the oil and they work incredible together! I have had results since my very first use and I will forever be a customer. I suffered from bacteria vag for years and I when I recently went to my gynecologist he said I had no discharge and no signs of bv!!! Mind blowing....."

-Tawana J

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My goodness!!


This product is absolutely amazing! I do plenty of research before purchasing anything online and i can honestly say that this queens wash has done wonders for my yoni! For the longest i battled with bv i was so embarassed by the odor, but since j been using queens wash lord i feel so clean and fresh. I am not just saying this just cause i want to ve on the review list but because this really works and i have used summers eve ive taken vitamins ive douched but nothing gave me results like this... Oh and my husband can tell the difference and it cmhas given me so much confidence..thanks Ashley i will be purchasing the oil and exfoliation scrub and cream and all lol love love love this!!!


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